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Leadership Development Step by Step What Makes a Successful Leader

O’Neal Johnson Jr. is no stranger to the world of discipline. Having more than a decade of experience in the service field, the retired Marine now author brings forward a book that will beautifully highlight one of the most notable experiences of becoming a leader – how it influences a person’s daily life.
A leader is a visionary with a clear idea of where they want to go. A good leader knows all the means of how to achieve the unachievable and can identify what success looks like. They appreciate the efforts of a whole team and understand the significance of team efforts to attain higher goals. Besides, leaders never compromise on their integrity and have the power to communicate their vision effectively.
Leadership Development Step by Step: What makes a successful leader is a masterpiece regarding understanding leadership skills. It’s a must-read for those who want to lead in the following fields: Self-Development, Business, Military, Firefighting, Law Enforcement Management, Government, Corporate Education, Religion, and Health Care Entrepreneur. It intends to explain to the readers what goes into making a successful leader. Grab your copies to learn more!

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Leadership Development Step by Step What Makes a Successful Leader

Who wouldn’t want to feel influential and powerful where there is a possibility of character growth? However, does one truly think it’s easy to become a leader or even lead good enough to be considered one of the greats? O’Neal Johnson Jr. shares his thoughts on what being a leader is all about, why many today’s leaders take this responsibility lightly, what they can do to improve their methods, and why it’s so necessary to be just about good enough to pave the way for others to be inspired. Are you ready to ”Lean forward and be an awesome leader”!


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